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Web Data Management Course
Course No: MCOM7348
Level: Master in Computing 
Topics: XML, DTD, XML Schema, XPath, XQuery, XSLT, RDF, RDFs, OWL, RDF Stores, SPARQL, Mashups, data integration, GAV and LAV, RDFa, Data Web and Linked Data, Web-data Identity, Modern search engines, Social open-graphs, Indexing of huge datasets and no-SQL databases  

Knowledge Engineering Course
Course No: SCOM7348
Level: Master in Computing 
Topics: Conceptual Modeling, Object Role Modeling ORM, Business Rules, Description Logics, RDF, RDFs, OWL, RDFa, Linked Data, Ontology Engineering, Linguistic Ontologies, Modern and knwoeldge-based Web Applications  

Data & Business Process Modelling  Course
Course No: COMP438
Level: BA & Masters 
Topics: Conceptual Data Modelling using Object Role Modeling ORM, Business Rules, Business Process Management languages and modelling skills

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Course
Advanced Artificial Intelligence Course
Course No: SCOM7341
Level: Master in Computing 
Topics: Quick Review of the main concepts of Artificial Intelligence, Description logics, Logical foundations of Ontology Engineering, Lexical Semantics, WordNet, Arabic Ontology, Natural Langauge Processing and Information Retrieval 
Artificial Intelligence Course
Course No: ENCS434
Level: BA Computer Systems Engineering 
Topics: Uninformed and informed searching, Games, Machine learning, neural networks, Planing, Logic and reasoning, Ontology, Introduction to Natural Langauge Processing.

Discrete Mathematics Course
Course No: 233
Level:  BA
Topics: The compound of logic statements, The logic of quantified statements, Set theory, Methods of proof, Sequences and Mathematical Induction, Functions, Counting and Combinatorics, Relations

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Course
Philosophy of Language
Course No: PHIL4381)

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 Tutorial: Data and Process Modeling
Tutorial: Data Integration and Open Information Systems

Tutorial: Ontology Engineering


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