Big Data and Graph Databases -Challenges and New Trends

Each group of students should write a synthesis paper about one of the following topics. Each is expected to present the state of art in a certain topic, and to compare and link different approaches and technologies in that topic. Students' opinions are very important to be presented as well.
Each paper should must be between 5 and 10 pages. The surveyed literature must consider five articles published at these conferences (VLDB, ICDE, SIGMOD, WWW) and in the recent three years. 
Citing websites and Wikis is allowed but should be limited; Again, the paper should NOT be a summary of others’ papers, but rather, it should represent your (own) opinion -and your opinion should reflect the state-of-art in research and possible applications related to the selected topic. The highest mark will be given to students who (i) cite the most important research and applications related to the topic, (ii) give better criticism and comparison on these paper, and present innovative ideas and solutions, and (iii) his/her English and writing style is perfect. 
The paper should be written in this template:

1- Big Data - Challenges and New Trends.  by Eman Karajah, Luay Nassourah, and Mahdi Hamdan                Download (Paper, Presentation)
2- NoSQL Databases -Challenges and New Trends. by Dima Taji, Fayez Shayeb, Nagham Ghanim Hamad, and Hamza Z. Obaydallah         Download (PaperPresentation)
3- Querying Graph Databases -Challenges and New Trends. by Mohammad Zainelden, Ahmad Zaidan,  and Ahmad Alia         Download (PaperPresentation)
4- Parallel and Distributed Processing of Big Data -Challenges and New Trendsby Diyam Fuad and Abed Tahseen Othman         Download (PaperPresentation)
5- Social-networks Data Analysis -Challenges and New Trends. by Haneen Droubi, Abdulfattah Safa, and Sharehan Bassam.          Download (PaperPresentation)
6- Structured Data in Search Engines -Challenges and New Trends. by Asma Al-Bargouthi and Nader Abulhalaweh         Download (PaperPresentation)
7- Spatial and GIS Data Management  -Challenges and New Trends. by Jamal Jalal Qazzouh and  Abdeljawwad Adel Daas         Download (PaperPresentation)

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